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Westview Veterinary Hospital, Inc. offers Equine services which range from General Health Care, Equine Reproduction Techniques, In House Laboratory, Medicine, Lameness and Elective Surgeries.

General Health Care

Routine exam and health care is a cornerstone to a healthy horse and minimizes the risk of costly and possibly fatal diseases. Our vaccine and worming protocol (program) are tailored to each individual patient depending on their lifestyle. Dental services are also offered and  an important part of routine health care and is often overlooked. Find out about our Equine Wellness Program, if you have any questions regarding this program let us know.


Westview Veterinary Hospital, Inc. has the capability for many advanced breeding techniques. WVH is equipped with 8 stalls and pasture turn out. Our services include:

  •     Artificial Insemination- Fresh and Frozen
  •     Embryo Transfer/Freezing
  •     Semen Collecting Evaluation and Processing
  •     Management of Problem Mares

Many diseases require immediate attention. Our in house laboratory consists of Chemistry, Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis and Body Fluid Analysis.  By doing blood work on premises this expedites results for immediate and appropriate treatment. Our medical services include:

  • Endoscope- Upper Airway Evaluation
  • Corneal Ulcers
  • Joint Lavage-Joint ill Foal
  • Trans- Trachael Wash-Pneumonia
  • Bronchial Alveolar Lavage- COPD
  • Pre- Purchase Exams

Our hospital consists of 2 stalls with Intravenous Fluid capability. This service is used to correct dehydration, and can resolve mild impaction colic.

Lame horses need to be treated quickly and appropriately. Whether your horse competes weekly or enjoys life in the pasture, lameness effects the welfare of your horse.
Our services include:

  • Gait evaluation and diagnostic nerve block

  • Digitally Processed Radiographs

  • Digital Ultrasound

  • Joint Injections

  • Joint Supplementation

Elective Surgeries

Certain elective surgical procedures are performed at WVH, Inc. Surgeries are done under IV Anesthesia and include, but not limited to:

  • Castration/Cryptorchid
  •  Umbilical Hernias
  •  Lumpectomy
  •  Specific Ophthalmic Procedures
  •  Delayed Closure of Infected Wounds

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